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Alex Roncelli Aims to Ensure a Bright Fiscal Future for Bruce Township

25-year-old candidate for Clerk has big plans to save big bucks

For Alex Roncelli, Bruce Township has been home the last eleven years. For the next four years and beyond, he is hoping to help make that home even better by keeping it rural and responsible. His plan to do so i simple. Make sound decisions to put the township in a strong economic position where it is able to control its own destiny going forward. Roncelli sees what has and is happening in other parts of Macomb County as a cautionary tale. “As our neighboring communities have expanded rapidly, to make up for needed revenue they have been economizing their rural environment and I don’t want to see that happen in Bruce Township.”   Alex plans to oversee a thorough review of the Townships current spending and contracts to ensure the residents are getting the best value for their dollars spent. “I can tell you that I am going to leave Bruce Township better than I found it. I am going to secure a better water rate for our residents and any budget shortfall will be forecasted and accurately portrayed for the next administration, we’re going to pass them a great fiscal plan.”  When it comes to fiscal responsibility, Alex is putting his money where his mouth is, literally.

“I’m the only candidate who has promised to take a 10% pay cut from day one.” He also has a plan to save the Township in excess of $50,000 in the first four months in part by restructuring the health benefits plans for township officials to lower premiums. “I do health benefits for a living and I could knock down the health benefits (costs) like that...That’s something the Clerk can do right off the bat, just by signing a piece of paper.”  Additionally he points to potential savings though reviewing insurance policies, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I get in office and find out that a lot of our real estate is over-insured…(and) there is probably savings (available) in every aspect of every vendor contract already on the table. I promise a thorough review and I promise a lot of proactive savings.” Roncelli added, “There will be a property tax rebate as well, I don’t know how big or small yet.” 

The youngest candidate on the Bruce Township ballot, Alex has heard numerous questions about his age, and while he recognizes that his experience is limited, he prefers to focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

“For one,  I don’t have a family (of my own), I can afford a massive pay cut to help Bruce Township…(and) I can focus all my time on what’s best for the residents.”

And despite his inexperience Alex is proud to have the endorsements of County Commissioner Don Brown and the 10th District Republicn Party of Michigan. And while this might sound like a young person looking to make a name for himself in politics, Alex is clear that this is a single imperative mission. “When I’m done with (my term or terms) as clerk, I am going to go right back to K.L Joiner (& associates)...and if I lose, I am not going to run again next time.”

 And while Alex Roncelli believes his strengths are centered in the financial or organizational aspects of government, he also sees the need to preserve a peaceful and tranquil social life for Bruce Township residents. In addition to the rural setting, abundance of parks and relative accessibility for conveniences, Roncelli believes it’s time to put a stop to “Muckrakers” like the Romeo Rambler.

“We deserve to know who (it) is. It’s unfortunate (they) approach community issues in that manner and it’s just so big it’s in your face.”

Alex remembers growing up in Macomb County with an avid interest in politics and mting people in political leadership positions, like Sheriff Mark Hackell and former Sterling Heights Mayor, Richard Notte who helped him appreciate the value of working with and understanding people of all political and ideological backgrounds.

“Mayor Notte told me, Alex, you can’t be red or blue, unless you’re an American first.”

Alex Roncelli is an American first, and he wants to put Bruce Township first as it’s next Clerk. 

Article by Joe Malburg of Macomb Underground

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