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New Haven basketball game plan changes with COVID-19

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

They do yoga instead of weight lifting, and they play outside on blacktop rather than indoors on hardwood.

They run hills instead of baseline to baseline, and their vital equipment includes a thermometer and sanitizer rather than a rack of basketballs.

This is New Haven summer hoops in the era of COVID-19.

We’re here on a mission,” senior Manny Hunter said. “We’re trying to get better, better every day.

Different atmosphere. Unconventional schedule. Unusual priorities.

But there's a spirit that’s true to one of Macomb County’s more successful programs.

“I love these guys, they’re my teammates. We’ve really become a family here.”

Flexibility is Key

The coronavirus pandemic and construction at New Haven High have dislodged the Rockets for the foreseeable future, so they make due in different locales.

One afternoon they’re at the New Haven Community Park. On another, at a park in New Baltimore or the beach at Lake St. Clair Metropark.

They meet in small groups with coach Tedaro France II, who takes everyone’s temperature before anything else happens.


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