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Judge Rules on Partridge Creek Mall Case

Local Macomb County Circuit Judge Diane Druzinski ruled in favor of Partridge Creek Mall in a Civil Trial against architect firm ASI, stating they could not seek claims of $213 Thousand Dollars in improvements made to a restaurant on the premises.

The restaurant in question was M's Table & Bar (Formerly Muer's Table & Bar) which took over the space previously occupied by Tin Fish, a popular Partridge Creek staple. After encountering legal problems from the get go, M's Table & Bar was kicked out of the Macomb County Outdoor Mall two years ago after a lease dispute.

M's Table + Bar is owned by restaurateur Tom LeFevre and two partners. They invested a large amount of money in converting the 8,950-square-foot building, which opened in November.

ASI states that they will appeal the ruling made by Judge Druzinski that the firm was dealing with the restaurant over the improvements and not the mall directly.

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