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Golasa Challenges Stathakis for Supervisor Spot

Passionate candidate targets, corruption and lack of transparency while aiming to preserve Shelby’s strengths

Grant Golasa thinks it’s time for change. He sees Shelby Township as one of the “best communities in Macomb County”, but also sees corruption creeping in or in some cases already having manifested itself within the Shelby Township board and some of the vendors they’ve aligned with. One such vendor, civil engineer Fazullah Khan, was convicted on four counts of bribery last July. Grant Golasa sees a concerning potential connection between the large sums of money raised by current board members from vendors like Khan who may expect something more in return than the people of Shelby should have to give. Golasa wants to return the power to the people of Shelby and he says that starts with holding leadership accountable. 

His plan to target and eliminate corruption through transparency includes the initial step of “assembling an accountability and compliance disclosure which will become part of any vote during board meetings that utilizes taxpayer money or provides special treatment to any company or enterprise.” Golasa also believes some contracts are in need of renegotiating from a place of greater power which he believes can in part be achieved by removing any undue outside influence. He told us, “Part of the renegotiation of Township vendor contracts will be ensuring the recipients of contracts understand the luxury of being awarded a government contract which will also play into obtaining a better price for the services rendered to the Township, businesses will be giving back to the people if they would like the opportunity of having this luxury.” Like many residents of Shelby Township, Golasa has noticed that with growth over the past decade, the roads have become quite congested, especially during rush hour traffic. “Over the last four years I believe it has become very evident Shelby Township has become overbuilt and the capacity of the roads was not considered by the Board of Trustees or the recently departed city planner.”

With the Township built up nearly to the max, Golasa wants to look for creative and innovative solutions including upgrading the software used in traffic light sequencing to improve the flow of traffic on the most congested roads. “I think you could (do) something that would not tear up our roads at all, it would just be a software modification..(which) could alleviate some of the more densely traffic prone areas at five in the afternoon or nine in the morning.” He added that this would be a “one-time fee” as opposed to a continued investment and it could have an immediate impact on traffic cycles.  Grant Golasa has been outspoken, he’s feuded with current board members at township meetings and does not shy away from his support of Donald Trump, even putting the phrase “Trump Republican” on his campaign signs, still he is dedicated to a message which he believes resonates across party and ideological lines. “My main campaign issue is eliminating corruption in the Township - an issue I believe both the left and right agree. Additionally, increasing honesty, integrity, and transparency in local government should be another common issue among both parties.” 

In addition he might surprise some with his nuanced stance on the recent controversy surrounding Shelby Police chief Robery Shelide and his inappropriate social media posts. Stopping short of saying how he’d vote without having been presented all the evidence, Golasa hinted that he would not hesitate to take action against a public servant whose conduct undermines the faith of the residents. Golasa said he’d have asked two questions at the meeting. The first about the potential legal conflicts created in future prosecutions as a result of the chiefs conduct and the second directly to the chief, which Golasa said would be, “If you were hiring a new police officer and discovered this content on their social media...would you hire that officer?” Golasa said he believes most of the citizens of Shelby know what the answer would be.  Grant also sees the Townships free spending in years past on infrastructure such as the new police station and court house as well as the new library under construction as signs of the financial security the township enjoys and believes it’s time to cut some taxes. “(While) we still have some deficit issues relating to police and fire pensions, it’s pretty clear our citizens have been overtaxed...the idea should be to have a zero budget every year.”

Finally, the candidate's ideology seems best summed up by his pledge to put money and power back in the people’s hands.   “(I want to) lower the tax millage rate for individual homeowners which will allow for their homes to appreciate without an increase in the tax dollar burden to their family budget. Less Government is better Government.”

It is a conviction that the candidate believes deeply in and it is rooted in his passion for the community he grew up in. “One of my earliest and best memories of the Township is enjoying ice cream at the Sunset Ice Cream store, (formerly at 24 mile and Van Dyke), when I was a toddler with my mom, dad, and younger brother. (I played) little league baseball through parks and recreation and still enjoy fishing at Stony Creek and playing Softball at Mae Stecker Park.”  Grant Golasa wants an opportunity to help make Shelby an even better community for the next generation than it was for him while growing up. 

Article by Joe Malburg of Macomb Underground

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