• Zack Hayes

He Who Watches the Clock

Day 2-1/12/21-9:30am

I've accepted the fact that my routine must take place at the shop if it's going to have any chance of consistency. That's the reality so lets roll with it.

The major takeaway from Day 2 vs. Day 1 is that the clock isn't nearly on my mind as much as it was yesterday. I wasn't thinking about it the way I was the first day. And today's 15 minute session certainly didn't feel like an eternity.

While I still felt pushback internally, there was definitely more calm and less thought about the act itself. Two days in and the time alone with my thoughts is gladly welcomed, but the stress immediately returns upon my first glance at e-mail, text messages, etc. after my 15 minutes concludes.

I know this is going to take time before the positive results of meditation spill into my normal life. This whole act and process is ultimately about doing something rather than nothing so the journey continues.

Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keeping going.-Sam Levenson
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