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Macomb County Sheriff's Office issues statement on mask enforcement.

The post was made on the official Macomb County Sheriff's Facebook Page


The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be issuing citations to those not wearing a mask, those who wish to make a complaint will be referred to the Attorney General’s Office. If a business wishes to enforce this order, they may require patrons to wear a mask. If the patron refuses, the business may ask them to leave their establishment. If the patron refuses, the business may contact us and we will treat it as a trespassing complaint. We hope this clears up any confusion.

We have received many questions regarding the Governor's Executive Order 147 (face masks required). If a citizen would like to file a compliant against a person not wearing a face mask when required OR a business failing to enforce this order, please contact: (888) 535-6136 OR AG-COVID19@michigan.gov. The Sheriff's Office will respond to an establishment that contacts us regarding a person(s) being non-compliant with wearing a face mask, or who does not leave a business. We will take direction from the business owner or establishment representative on course of action. We encourage all to wear a face mask.


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