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Q and A with Bill Thompson

United States Army Veteran and On-Call Firefighter seeks Trustee Spot

Bill Thompson is one of eight candidates competing for two trustee spots on the Bruce Township board. Bill responded to our questionnaire and we are sharing some of his answers here. You can find more information about Bill and his background at vote411.com and clicking on “view my ballot”.

MACOMB UNDERGROUND: What is the central issue(s) of your campaign and how do you see yourself being able to advance that agenda from the position of Trustee?

BILL THOMPSON: “My agenda is the interest of the residents and service to those residents. Bruce Township is a great community and I'm lucky to live here.”

MU: What are the greatest strengths of Bruce Township as it is today?

BT: “Our strengths are that we are a community that’s on the line between farmland, beautiful rural scenery, and all of the activities, entertainment, and dining for more urban communities. We have access to anything anyone could ever want.”

MU: What are the most pressing issues facing Bruce Township today?

BT: “We are all fortunate to live in a great community and I would say in comparison to others our burden is light. We have some health care liabilities and sewer debt that needs to (be) managed. But overall, I think Bruce is in a good position.”

MU: How would you characterize the performance of the Township board over the last four years?

BT: “It’s important that the new board has an eye on the future. Bruce Township is in a good position. I don't know all of the challenges they've faced and I don't think it would (be) fair of me to judge their performance.

However, I will say that anytime I've called the township, my calls were promptly returned, my emails have always been answered, and when I've gone in, my questions were answered.”

MU: How important is cooperation between the Tri-Community Area of Washington/Romeo/Bruce and how will you help heal the divide that has grown in the last four years?

BT: “Cooperation is important and I believe we should work with our neighboring communities. We have more leverage when we work together. A unified board working with our neighbors would be extremely effective. We all have a common interest; doing what's best for our community. I think working with our neighbors is what's best for all of us.”

MU: How can you and the other board members attract a High Speed internet provider to service the more rural areas of the Township, and what can be done to help those community members get access to the internet if you are not able to?

BT: “It seems the majority of the residents in the township have access to the internet, but speed and quality vary. In the affected areas, organizing those groups might be more effective than township intervention.

We would also need to look at some of the trade-offs; would this require more towers, poles, and lines?

The solution would require input from those affected, internet providers, and the board working as a team with a common goal.”

MU: What role if any does local government play in combating threats to community harmony like cyberbullying and harassment?

BT: I don't believe local, state, or federal government has any role in moderating any speech. Concerning "The Rambler," we have a choice to engage. We all have the freedom to say what we want. Personally, Facebook is a nice place to see what your family and friends are up to and not such a great place for political debate. It is important that we have respect for our neighbors, and not compromise any of our rights.

MU: What are your hobbies and favorite things to do in and around Bruce Township? And what are some of your best memories while living in the community?

BT: Recently, I finished my private pilot license so I've been enjoying that; it was a very exciting accomplishment. I enjoy riding my bike in the summer. During the fall, my wife and I try to make it to all of the apple orchards. I also enjoy hunting, and I recently purchased a few calves to raise.

Some of my favorite memories are when I met my wife, Stephanie, at St Paul's Episcopal Church. We also had our wedding there. The best times of my life have taken place in this community. I hope to preserve our community so others can enjoy it as I have.

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