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RCS Confirms First COVID Case

Announcement comes at end of first week of returning to in person learning

After just four days of classes, Romeo Community Schools has confirmed a case of the coronavirus with a student at Romeo Middle School.

In a letter to parents late Friday saying one student at the new middle school on 32 Mile Road, the district says any person that has come in close contact with that student has been notified individually.

“This cannot be the first case that has hit romeo since mid-August.” says a Romeo Middle School teacher who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The parents have been making their decision on face-to-face learning with possibly not all of the info they need.”

In August, The Romeo Community Schools finalized their return to learn plan -- a hybrid model that had groups of schools in the building just two days a week to start while offering the option of going fully online to start the year as well.

The letter isn’t clear about how many children could have been exposed or what the school is doing as a result. One thing is for sure: students will return to the building on Monday. “Oh yeah. Business as usual. We had a staff meeting after school ‘Make a seating chart to contact tracing can go more smoothly’ were the big takeaways” the teacher said. “I have a HUGE room and I can’t even get 17 desks to be 6 feet apart from each other.”

The new middle school was slated to house over 1,000 students by combining the old Romeo Middle School and Powell Middle School into the old high school building. Making the transition even more difficult, the building is still under renovation that was stalled thanks to the coronavirus.

“This has been the hardest first week I’ve had [since my first year]. Juggling online and in-person kids at the same time has been brutal; and we’ve only had 3 hour school days this week. I feel like I’m part of a wicked science/social experiment.”

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