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Trustee Candidate Champions Change in his Pursuit of Supervisor Spot

Steve Nikkel seeks a Stronger, More Attentive Government to Lead Armada Forward

When Steve Nikkel had a problem, in the form of what he believed was a clear ordinance violation adjacent to his property, he decided to do something about it. When his actions were not met with the proper reaction, he decided to take it one step further. In an example that everyone who wants to impact change in their community can and should follow, Steve decided to stand up for himself and affect change by getting involved. After Nikkel’s complaint was not addressed in a timely manner, he decided to run for Trustee and won a seat in 2018. Now he has his eye on the top spot in the Township and a goal of steering the board in a new direction.

Once I became Trustee, I challenged the old way of doing things and that has rocked the boat at board level,” Steve told us. Now he wants to tip the boat over and capsize John Paterek’s bid for a fourth term at the helm.

Nikkel’s vision for Armada is to preserve what’s already great about it and accelerate the master plan to address some concerns, “Armada Township is the last great agricultural land in Macomb County. Being the Township Board Liaison to the Planning Commission has given me the opportunity to work with the ordinances and master plan in a way to successfully balance agriculture, residences, and commercial tax bases.” He sees expansion as necessary, but something that needs to be done delicately, “ It is very important that all land uses can work together to create the open spaces and peaceful homelife Armada residents desire, while balancing a distinct industrial and commercial tax base which is within our master plan.” Steve also believes there needs to be more urgency when it comes to addressing some of the Townships technological shortcomings. “Armada Township residents require adequate internet speed. This year's quarantine amplified just how important this service is...We need to place this as a top priority instead of just a topic of discussion.” One area where candidate Nikkel and incumbent Paterek agree is in the importance of improving water and sewer systems. But Nikkel feels like more could and should have been done over the past four years. Nikkel told us, “ The other pressing issue is our industrial tax base. While I have actively pursued obtaining water and sewer services, this too, was not aggressively pursued.” And Nikkel sees other avenues to preserve and improve that tax base, “Our industrial corridor on Powell Road is our gem in the rough. This area should be treated with care to encourage and properly plan for its growth.”

After serving alongside Supervisor Paterek on the board these past four years, Nikkel cast himself as a more proactive and aggressive advocate for Armada. He says that, “In 2016, the Village of Romeo offered an agreement for sewer services which the supervisor did not act upon and we lost a great agreement. In 2017, a new Romeo Village board, offered Armada Township another agreement.” And that he disagrees with a decision he attributes to Supervisor Paterek relating to the annexation of Armada Township land to the Village of Romeo. “After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, 75 acres of our industrial district was recently offered and accepted into the beginning process of annexation into the Village of Romeo. I can assure you, as supervisor, I would never have handled this important situation this way.”

Steve Nikkel has been a part of the Armada community for more than thirty-five years. He has fond memories of being able to bike from the outskirts of the township into the village safely. He recalls his High School Tennis coach, Dave Fredette, and the time, energy and patience he put into his student-athletes. That example has led Steve to take up the mantle as youth sports coach in travel softball. Armada is home for Steve and his family and he wants to take care of that home. “My family and I loved going to the Armada fair, it is a tradition I now get to share with my wife and daughters.” Steve Nikkel wants your support so that he, as supervisor, can help ensure another generation of Armada families can experience the joy of rural living that he has throughout his life.

Article by Joe Malburg


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