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Unlock Michigan Group Rallies for Petitions

The Coalition of Concerned Michiganders seeks to repeal the Emergency Powers Act of 1945

A Michigan based group calling themselves Unlock Michigan has taken the reigns on the efforts to petition to repeal Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Emergency Powers, which the group claims the Governor has misused throughout the COVID-19 response measures.

The law in question is the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945 which states during times of great public crisis, disaster, rioting, catastrophe, or similar public emergency within the state, or reasonable apprehension of immediate danger of a public emergency of that kind, when public safety is imperiled, either upon application of the mayor of a city, sheriff of a county, or the commissioner of the Michigan state police or upon his or her own volition, the governor may proclaim a state of emergency and designate the area involved.

If repealed, the governor would still have certain powers under the 1976 Emergency Management Act, but that law requires approval from the legislature every 28 days to extend a “state of emergency.”

The self-proclaimed Coalition of Concerned Michiganders believes that Governor Whitmer has created a crushing lockdown of life and business across Michigan which is a dangerous threat to their livelihoods and constitutional liberties. They believe it is time for the people of Michigan to take back the power and remove the outdated law.

Governor Whitmer has misused this law to assume sweeping, permanent powers the legislature never intended a governor to have, in violation of the Separation of Powers doctrine.

Michigan’s constitution allows citizens to initiate their own legislation. With enough valid signatures, the legislature can vote on this proposal, and when passed, it becomes law without the Governor’s signature. They must collect over 425,000 signatures from registered voters within 6 months of the time the petitions are circulated.


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