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What No Peach Fest means to local business

The staff from FAMS Printing in Romeo discuss the impact on the business community

Well...it's official. There will be no Peach Fest this year due to COVID-19 concerns. How will this impact small businesses in our local community? Now is the time to rally behind shop local initiatives and support businesses as they navigate through the losses that are sure to continue to come. We are all #TOOSMALLTOFAIL. Zack Hayes and Preemo Phil discuss how this looks for FAMS Printing and the rest of the business community here in Romeo.

If you want to discuss how your business has been affected due to the shutdown, we want to hear from you! Contact us on Instagram or Twitter or email us at preemo@famsprinting.com to be featured on an upcoming episode of the Preemo Podcast as we explore our new series titled #TOOSMALLTOFAIL.

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Don't forget, Content is King and the Struggle is Real!

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